Tiny Review is Short and Sweet

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to source that could potentially provide reviews of places and things at a glance? Who wouldn’t want a quick, efficient and to-the-point review of a place, its service, food or current occupancy? Along these lines, Tiny Review for iPhone aims to be that source. Tiny Review is short and sweet social networking based around reviews made with a picture and three lines of text. The idea is to provide a brief (tiny) review or opinion of a place or thing by uploading a picture and inputting informative text captions in very few characters.

The coolest thing about Tiny Review is it looks nice and neat. Reviews, as such, can be sorted into “latest” and “nearby,” the latter of which is the only really useful one if you intend to use Tiny Review as a source of local information. If you were reading through Yelp and comparing it to the reviews to those of Tiny Review, you would notice that Tiny Review is shorter and often cleverer. However, as with all such apps, it is still limited by its user base.

Currently, only those with Facebook accounts who are comfortable with Facebook connect can use Tiny Review. So if you abandoned Facebook for Twitter you’ll have to wait for added Tiny Review login options. Of course, if you follow someone on Twitter who also uses Tiny Review, you may see their “reviews” in your feed since the option to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare is available. But without a Facebook account, Tiny Review is off limits. As far as other social networking aspects, Tiny Review users can also follow other users, “like” reviews and will automatically follow any Facebook friends using it.

While there are many variables pertaining to the usefulness of Tiny Review, the fact remains it is attractive, and at times entertaining. The user base is varied – there are the ones that get it (“cheap beer, no girls”) and then there are those that don’t (“cutest cat ever”). But nonetheless, three-liners (or less) about random people’s cats or the road they’re driving down can be fun too – if you’re really bored. However, for the most part, there is a mixed bag of bite-sized reviews of taverns, restaurants, menu items, plays, movies, and so on. And a few of them are quite humorous.

Tiny Review is rated 12+ and this is because there’s no language filter (or presumably photo filter), but obviously “inappropriate” material is somehow addressed in some legal fashion in a line or two of a user agreement somewhere. Nonetheless, the reviews aren’t all kid-friendly. As for personal privacy, Tiny Review is location-based and so users should be comfortable with giving up their location – but since many social networking gurus already are, there’s nothing new to worry about.

Tiny Review is unique, kind of fun, and best of all – free. You can upload pictures and text quickly and easily or you can “add” someone else’s photo with your own three lines to your profile. Its simplicity and intuitiveness in terms of ease of use, along with its visual “at-a-glance” appeal give Tiny Review immense possibility. There are likely many locations where reviews are limited, or possibly non-existent, but as it catches on and the user base grows, so will the nearby reviews. If you’re into social networking and enjoy sharing and reading others’ opinions, then Tiny Review is a worthwhile addition to any arsenal of social networking apps.

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