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We all need our news. And, if we have any hope of keeping up with the day’s most important events, we all need our news apps, too. The 24-hour news cycle ensures that no matter where you are or what time it is, something interesting has just broken on your favorite news site or blog. Pre-iPhone or iPad, this meant devoting time (lots of time) to logging in and reading the news on multiple websites. Thanks to the convenience offered by portable data connections, it’s now a snap to keep abreast of current events by downloading a news app to your favorite iOS device.

Although identifying “the Best News Apps for iPhones and iPads” is extremely subjective — when it comes to reading on a digital device, my idea of “tiny text” might your “pixel perfect” size — we’ve come up with a great list of the top iOS apps for news junkies. As an added bonus, most of these news apps are free.

Get the news from every angle with headlines from more than 4000 newspapers and magazines streamed straight to your iPhone or iPad. Follow your favorite categories or have personalized news delivered based on your location. Like any news app worth it’s press pass, News360 lets you share feeds with friends on social media through Facebook and Twitter. While not as flashy as some of the other news readers on this list, News360 offers an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate so you can keep up with current events quickly without wasting a lot of time or bandwidth.

LinkedIn Pulse: The news and insights you need to know

Probably one of the most eye-catching news apps available, it’s easy to see why Pulse News for iPhone is one of the few applications to be inducted in to Apple’s illustrious App Store Hall of Fame. The news reader pulls content from every available source—news sites, blogs, photo galleries, social media networks—and weaves it together creating a comprehensive and seamless browsing experience that will keep you informed and ensure you always have something to say around the water cooler.

Flud News

If your friends love news the way you love news, then download FLUD (or FLUD Mobile for iPhone). This revolutionary news app has gotten lots of press for being gorgeous—and it is—but the real reason to give it a chance on your iPad is to try out the excellent personalization features. Dubbed the “Future of News” by NBC News San Diego, FLUD uses crowdsourcing to personalize the news stream. Load up your own feeds, browse the stream of suggested news items to tag favorites, share content via Facebook, Twitter or email and save articles for offline reading with Instapaper or Read It Later. The app tracks user bookmarks to decide what articles to stream to the next guy. It’s a lovely system where users really do dictate what’s “on the news.” Read our review of FLUD for iOS.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

You can’t talk about iOS news apps and not talk about Flipboard. Flipboard is the app that made the news beautiful again. After years of “just the facts” news readers and websites only a fact-checker could love, Flipboard came along and proved that users don’t hate the news, they hate ugly news. This amazing iPad-only app turns the news into eye candy while providing a fast interface for reading articles from any website. Keep tabs on updates from your favorite magazines, RSS feeds, social media sites, photo sites (like Instagram) and share content or comment from the app. You won’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried Flipboard, but once you do be prepared fall in love with news 2.0.

Newsy for iPad – News Video

Prefer your news to stream in video format? Download Newsy for iPhone or iPad. This app is designed to analyze the news, not just stream it, with short videos that combine multiple sources for a full spectrum of perspectives. Newsy is for people who want to watch FoxNews, MSNBC and CNN – if only they could fit 72 hours of TV into a 24-hour news cycle. Instead, let Newsy gather the highlights and provide the nuance that is so often missing from single-channel reporting.

iCatcher! podcast app

When you consider how many news sites and magazines now offer a podcast, it’s odd that there aren’t more podcast apps for iPad. iCatcher, which runs natively on the iPad, is a top app for how easy it makes finding and subscribing to podcasts – it will even warn you before you subscribe to an outdated podcast. If you’ve been looking for a way to broaden your podcast experience, iCatcher will search deeper than most apps dare to go while still helping you sort the results so only the best rise to the top.

What news app do you use for reading on your iPhone or iPad? Leave a comment and share your favorite!

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