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How to videos from howcast iphone appIf you’re already familiar with Howcast, the online community website that shares video guides for how to do just about anything, then you’ll understand the concept of this app. How to Videos from Howcast makes their collection of how to videos available right on your iPhone. The How to Videos from Howcast can be entertaining, informative, and even useful, but just how much so really depends on your perspective.

For those of you unfamiliar with Howcast, or even YouTube (if that’s possible), it is a collection of uploaded videos that covers a broad range of topics in a step-by-step, how-to format. For instance, you can watch a video on how to trim your dog’s nails, make chocolate chip cookies, or cut down a tree. Not every single instance is professional advice by any means, but there are some interesting and helpful inclusions.

The nicest thing about How To Videos from Howcast is the price. You can download it for free and then, provided you are connected to your network, can search and view videos until your heart’s content. If you can’t think of anything to search, you can select from featured videos, view the most recent, top rated, or shake your device for a random collection of Howcast Media favorites. If you find one you really like or one that you might want to refer to again, you can add it to a “favorites” collection and save it for later.

While navigation of How To Videos from Howcast is simple and the viewing quality is quite good for the most part, the sound quality is only decent not great and it seems to vary slightly from video to video. As far as stability and crashing, I didn’t experience any problems and the videos loaded quickly. I have my doubts about how quickly they would load over 3G based on past experiences, but if you have no problems viewing YouTube videos on your iPhone, you should have no problems with How To Videos from Howcast.

Whether you find a video that is useful or entertaining to you is, as I said, a matter of perspective, but frankly, I can’t wait until something crops up that I actually want to know so I can truly test its usefulness. Nevertheless, I like the navigation of How To Videos from Howcast, and while I do wish there was a way to browse by category rather than search or choose from random selections, there is no dancing around with weird, pointless functions; no registering at this site or that to use it; and no how-to guide needed – plus it’s free. You can’t really ask for more.

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