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News from Facebook: messenger for business

While this news is not so much shocked the Internet, but the fact is that while, apparently, not all understand what is going on and how such serious steps for the future in Internet promotion. After all, Facebook  is doing everything “for our convenience”. Let Facebook says it wants, and causes all sorts of reasons for their actions, but simply because he never does, his every move are hiding a giant strategic thought. For all the time that I work closely with the SOC. network, I will say that I learned far and wide, so, I think that a big change is coming in how people will use the social. networks and how the company will move into them.

Facebook knows that people podcast audio social network that the Internet is saturated with information, which is harder and harder to navigate, posts and emails from companies rained on us from all sides. For this reason, users migrate to more “intimate” setting where they can control with whom to communicate and from whom to receive messages. Look at the popularity of applications such as: messenger version 3.1, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Kik, Snapchat, Slingshot, etc. Not just because they grew so much over the last couple of years!

For this reason, Facebook is seriously engaged in the development of platform Facebook Messenger, which I’m sure is already in the foreseeable future will stand in the top three or four most popular social networks in the world.

About what’s teleconferencing for users in the messenger is clear. But what do the businesses to reach users who go into this closed to the public platform?

And, again, Facebook thought about us! Don’t know what Facebook is there to make money, but very soon, friends, the light will be a new platform — “Google for business”. It’s just super cool! In other words I just haven’t found 🙂

Now in detail explain what it is all about and how it will look.

What Businesses on Messenger?

The purpose of the application “Messenger for business” — to make communication between business and buyer more easy and convenient.

The app can be used to inform the buyer in real time, for example, about the order, its shipment, replacement, and any other questions regarding the purchase and support.

How to work “Google for business”

The new feature will be a number of opportunities that will allow your company to communicate with customers more efficiently.

Subscribe for updates about order status

When a buyer pays for a purchase in your online store, he will have the opportunity to sign up for updates on the status of the order by Messenger. Once the buyer confirms their intention a subscription, you will be able to send them personalized messages about the order.

The ability to customize messages for your business

Using “instant Messenger for business” your company will be able to create a variety of automatic messages that will be sent to buyers via Messenger. This can be, for example, order confirmation, shipment, etc.

Here are a few examples of such messages.

Customer support through the “Google for business”

Moreover, accepting the invitation of your company to receive notifications via Messenger, the buyer will be able to contact your support center directly through the app.

For support, you can use any convenient service “live chat”. That is, as I understand it, the messages you will receive from your chat window on the website. At the moment Facebook entered into a partnership agreement with popular service Zendesk. In the future, partners will certainly be much more.

Push notifications

Thanks to a new service, your customers will receive push notifications about the order in real time, which is very convenient as your company and the customer. It will be a sort of replacement of texts on the status of the order. Moreover, notice in the messenger look more attractive than the dry text SMS messages.

The exact dates of starting the application “Messenger for business” yet, but I’ll keep you updated!

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