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Ultimate List of iOS Video Apps for Editing and Sharing Mobile Movies

It’s no secret that today’s amateur videographers can make professional-level videos with hip-pocket devices. The iPhone’s HD video camera is certainly up to the task of recording, but you’ll still need a way to edit and share all those video masterpieces. The App Store is practically overflowing with video editing apps to help users make their videos stand out from the crowd. Armed with the right knowledge, you can hunt down the best video apps for the iPhone, or you can keep reading. Continue reading “Ultimate List of iOS Video Apps for Editing and Sharing Mobile Movies” »

iOS Reading Apps for Book Worms

We all need our news. And, if we have any hope of keeping up with the day’s most important events, we all need our news apps, too. The 24-hour news cycle ensures that no matter where you are or what time it is, something interesting has just broken on your favorite news site or blog. Pre-iPhone or iPad, this meant devoting time (lots of time) to logging in and reading the news on multiple websites. Continue reading “iOS Reading Apps for Book Worms” »